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Thank you for replying to my questions so fast, my husband will be psyched that someone else has advice for him! (He's computer phobic, but maybe I'll eventually be able to get him here on the Board!)

He's not on any special treatment for this yet....they only just decided it wasn't Gout on Friday...he's just been taking Percocet and Advil for the pain, and he's made an appt to start Physical Therapy in two weeks....otherwise we don't know what to do! He works as a chef, so he limps around his kitchen all day long in pain. The Dr. keeps telling him to keep it up, that he needs to force the walking as much as possible (????).

It sure is a hard disease to try to understand and explain to people....and no one seems to have ever heard about it or realize how traumatic this is going to be!

Yeesh, from some of the horrible stories I've read doing this research on the Internet, I hate to say this, but it looks to me like a hell of a lot of grief and suffering could be saved by amputating the limb now! (I horrified my husband with that one....sorry everyone....but does this indeed end up in amputation?) I've seen some VERY GORY pictures of limbs blackened and swolen...........UGH! :P

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