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I have had Ganglion Nerve blocks, for RSD in my arm/had. I got 24-36 hrs relief from each. I have never got permanent relief, If you get complete relief and it last this means your RSD went into remission for now. No one can say how long remission can last.

A mild case of RSD, I suppose that means it has not or will not dibilitate you. I have RSD in my Ulnar Nerve, so severe that I have very little use of my arm'hand. The pain is so bad that I won't move it much at the early stages the elbow froze because I would not move it.

RSD is different for everyone, really is a scary disease.

If you only get a few hrs relief, they will keep doing them usually once a week for 6-12 weeks depending on the Dr.

I sure wish you luck, everyone here is really great at helping one another and we all have bad days so don't ever feel that you have been any diff then the rest of us. I have my crazy days, as everyone else.


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I'm sorry the block is wearing off, each block may last longer. The next may last a week, or even longer. They try to give then every week hoping to push it into remission. I hope they can for you. It is a horrible thing to live with, no matter if its a mild or severe case

If a cure ever is developed I am on the list, hopefully the first. I have great Dr's, they have become great friends to me. Even the nurses that work with them, I can call them anytime.

My Therapist was shocked yesterday, she needed to change my appt next week and it was the same time as my Dr appt. She called to change my Dr appt so I wouldn't miss Therapy that day. My Dr receptionist told her, no need for an appt have her come in that day whenever she can. The Therapist said, She doesn't need an appt, she said No whenever she can get here the Dr will see her.

I told her, I am probably one of the luckiest RSD patients my Dr's are very good to me.

Oh, I got off the subject sorry. That hot tingling feeling is normal after a block. No need to worry, it won't be that way permanently.

Take care, I wish you the best and hope your weekend is nice.

Always believe in angels their all around us.


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