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Hi, it's me again,

I finally had my podiatrist visit this morning. The doctor feels that I have possibly a mild case of CRPS but is not positive. She gave a posterior-tibial nerve block in the office and wants to see me back in a week for another one. She said to keep record of how long the block lasts.

I have a couple of questions. Is this block also a determination of CRPS, like the lumbar sympathetic blocks? If it wears off today, what does that mean? If it wears off much later, like this weekend or next week, what does that mean?

Thank you for your help,

Here's another question. How could it be possibly a "mild" case of CRPS? Does that mean it's still early (I injured my toe on 03/28/03) and it may go away or does that mean it might not get any worse? Or is the doctor just being nice, trying not to scare me? I guess I could ask the pain management doctors that I work for, but I'm afraid I'm going to break down and become a babbling idiot like I did a couple of weeks ago.

Hi Soxy. Thank you for replying. It sounds like the lumbar sympathetic blocks work really well. I asked the podiatrist about that and she said because my diagnosis is not positive yet, she would rather start out with the posterior tibial nerve blocks. I just hope we're not putting this off for too long.

Another thing: I have become completely numb to this whole thing. I forgot the diagnosis thing on blocks. If you get complete relief from a block, what is your diagnosis? If you don't, what is your diagnosis?

Thank you, again, for your help,


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