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Hi Dayton,

Stickgirl is right regarding the lumbar sympathetic blocks. If you get no relief from the block, then the diagnosis is not CRPS. If you get relief, then the diagnosis is CRPS. I transcribe these reports all of the time and from what I type, they really don't appear to be all that bad. Of course, I'm not the one under the needle but, who knows, I may be soon as my diagnosis is still unknown.

Take care and please try to think positive.

Dayton, I just had a lumbar sympathetic block this past Wednesday. It is the second one for my RF. I had 3 for the LF. The procedure is not bad at all. Mine is done in the hospital day surgery unit. I am sedated and on my stomach. The doctor uses the x-ray machine to guide the needle. They need you to be somewhat awake. It is not entirely comfortable but it is not a horrible experience. After it's over the doc just tells me to take it easy but to use the foot. I was a nervous wreck the first time too. Fear of the unknown. Now it's a piece of cake. Take a deep breath. It's not as bad as you think. The sedation helps you relax really well.

Believe in Miracles!!

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