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Dear Stickgirl and RSD Angel,

Thank you SOOOOO much for replying to us!! I have my Joe here with me, I'm teaching him how to do this himself!!!! He's joking that his Poster Name should be "RamRod"!! LOL! ;)

We have a number of questions for you!

For Stickgirl:

*The Lidoderm Patch is very intriguing to Joe, he wants to know all about it...what is it it a pain killer? He's afraid his Dr. is hinting at stopping the Percocets, and Joey's thinking about asking about these.....what are they????

*We have found the Vicodin to be less than half as strong as Percocet (although the 7.5 Vicoprophan is better)

*Is Neurontin a pain killer too? I know it seems people automatically take it with the Nerve Blocks???

For Bryn: (RSD_Angel):

*I can't believe they didn't MRI the whole area, all the way up his leg to his knee at least!!! I was ignorant and thought his whole body was being MRI'd!!

*I'm surprised Blocks didn't work good for you??? I've been having alot of hope for them since everyone seems so happy with them???

*Are you taking the Neurontin too? It seems like Neurontin is for Blocks? I don't know???

*Are there different kinds of Blocks???? Joe says his Dr. mentioned a Spinal Epidural? That's the only kind he mentioned (?????)

*Is getting a Block horribly painful? (I have bad memories from C-Sections!)


Joey is getting along pretty well this weekend because he's not working....he works as a Chef at a huge Factory with a huge Kitchen feeding several thousand people lunch every day....he must do miles of walking on an unforgiving tile floor every day.

He is taking his Percocet and Advil and Valium 5mg and feeling decent. He still is very happy to have the Valium added to his pain management....but he wishes he could get stronger Pain Medication. The Dr. is now refusing and hinting that his time with Percocet is coming to an end.

Thank you all for your's great to know we have fellow RSD friends out there!!! :S

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