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Hello, I am New to this board. I am searching for information on the incidents of RSD after Carpal Tunnel surgery. I have RSD in my right knee after a very traumatic snow skiing accident injury. I have had 3 surgeries on the knee and have had RSD for just over 2 years. I had Carpal Tunnel, mildly, for years, with minimal symptoms. After being on crutches and having to use my upper body so much, the carpal tunnel has advanced to "Severe Bilaterally". My hand surgeon said I may already have permanent damage, based on the NCS test results. He said my only treatment option is surgery. I have read literature and information stating that RSD can spread to other extremeties. My pain management doctor told me I should avoid surgery because I am at very high risk of developing RSD after surgery. I am wondering if there is anyone who has experienced RSD after carpal tunnel surgery or If anyone may be educated on this specific situation who can give me some input. I am confused and don't know what to do. I could end up crippled in my hands if I don't have surgery. On the other hand, If I do have surgery, I may end up with RSD which is debilitating also. Hummm, doesn't sound to promising to me. What should I do??? Thanks
Hello "Soxy" thank you for welcoming me and sharing with me. I am starting to feel a connection here, I finally feel like I am not alone in this world with my situation. Thanks!!!

"Soxy", I think this board may end up being a God send for me too. Did I read a posting of yours that said you had the Spinal Cord Stimulator recently placed?? If so, how's it working for you? My main question is, did you definately need someone around to help you out and for how long?? Also, what percentage of relief would you say you get??I have decided against it for now, but may need to resort to it in the future if my pain meds quit working. Thank you, hope you are having a good day. I definately believe in Miracles!!! Thanks, Panzi

I can certainly feel the warmth and comfort after reading all the postings and getting familiar with people's situations. My heart goes out to each person. I feel so fortunate that my RSD is a "Mild" case compared to most people here. But I still have lots of concerns and questions. I was wondering if you could explain what a "Ulnar nerve transposition" is. Is it similar or the same as a carpal tunnel release?? When you say your injury was "too far gone" what exactly does that mean?? I am so glad to hear that your "left side" surgery has gone so well and that the RSD has not spread there. I bet it feels so great to use that arm again. I can relate, now that I can walk normal again. I don't have to use crutches anymore. YEAH!!! I have been in rehab since Dec and still working on it. Long process. Keep working hard on your arm, it's well worth it. Hang in there!!! I don't quite understand what the "Micro-Z" does. Does it help your own nerves to conduct better?? Does it help reduce the pain and numbness/tingling?? What is the outlook for your carpal tunnel, if you don't have surgery?? Any particular reason you chose not to have surgery on that yet?? Boy, I sure had alot of questions. Sorry. Answer only if you feel like it. No pressure here. Well, take care and keep the faith. Thanks again for caring and sharing. bye bye, Panzi

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Hello Panzi
I developed RSD from carpal tunnel surgery! It doesn't always happen but can in 5% of carpal tunnel surgeries!

I was told if i ever had further surgeries that i sould have the symapthetic system blocked?? It was explained to me as a procedure that goes through your arm pit and in to the sympathetic system to block it!!
sounds like it would hurt! I have chosen to live with the carpal tunnel i have in the other hand!

Good Luck and i wish you the best!

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