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May 9, 2003
I see there are a lot of others that experience the sweats. Does anyone else also get the chills? The primary reason I don't sleep well is I'm constantly in a state of sweating/chilling. It can be 68 in the house and I will be so cold that my teeth chatter, 63 in the house and I'm sweating. This goes on day and night. Sound familiar to anyone else? - Shelley
Re: Sweats/Chills
Dec 24, 2006
My hands are constantly sweating from the RSD.

I am constantly feeling like my arms, hands, shoulders are burning up :blob_fire (while on the outside my skin is freezing cold). I get really warm/ flushed quite a bit and then all of a sudden I'll be freezing! :eek:

Tempature changes are part of RSD/ CRPS... it is like your body's tempature is way reset... Example: When I feel 70 degree water with my right arm it feels warm, while on my left arm it feels warm!

About the skin sensitivity: I also experience that. If someone just brushes by me the pain is AWFUL and I sometimes scream/ cry from the lightest touch. I know what that's like and I am working hard on desensitization for that.

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