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May 9, 2003
I see there are a lot of others that experience the sweats. Does anyone else also get the chills? The primary reason I don't sleep well is I'm constantly in a state of sweating/chilling. It can be 68 in the house and I will be so cold that my teeth chatter, 63 in the house and I'm sweating. This goes on day and night. Sound familiar to anyone else? - Shelley
Re: Sweats/Chills
May 25, 2003
Almost everyone I know has the sweats and chills periodically. Some have hot flashes and some have both. Some have them all the time and some off and on. Ask your doctor about it being related to RSD. Always ask the doc. Just because ours is RSD related, yours may not be.
Re: Sweats/Chills
May 25, 2003
Like Soxy I deal with the skin sensitivity also. The Chils, Sweats and the rashes I get are all related to RSD. My Dr's give me a Stronger Hydrocortizone cream for my rash plus the Aveno skin care line helps me with the itchies all over. I hate the sweats/chills the worst. I am past menopaus. had that done many yrs back in my 30"s and take meds for hot flashes. This associated with RSD is much worse the normal hot flashes. I try to wear cool clothes so that when I have the chills I can grab a sweater/jacket/blanket then throw it off when the hots come back. They sure come back with a vengence sometimes don't they. I have more problems with pain waking me up then chills/sweats.

I wish us all a nice calm day with a low pain day

Angels do exist, there all around watching us all.

Re: Sweats/Chills
Dec 15, 2006
Does anyone get like really bad cold sweats? like ill get really cold and put on like five blankets but ill be shivering and sweating like crazy.
Re: Sweats/Chills
Dec 15, 2006 what kind of rashes are they? im not trying to be weird or anything but i my skin gets like all spotchey and my dr says she has no idea what it is.
Re: Sweats/Chills
Dec 24, 2006
My hands are constantly sweating from the RSD.

I am constantly feeling like my arms, hands, shoulders are burning up :blob_fire (while on the outside my skin is freezing cold). I get really warm/ flushed quite a bit and then all of a sudden I'll be freezing! :eek:

Tempature changes are part of RSD/ CRPS... it is like your body's tempature is way reset... Example: When I feel 70 degree water with my right arm it feels warm, while on my left arm it feels warm!

About the skin sensitivity: I also experience that. If someone just brushes by me the pain is AWFUL and I sometimes scream/ cry from the lightest touch. I know what that's like and I am working hard on desensitization for that.
Re: Sweats/Chills
Dec 26, 2006
Hi everyone:wave:

Boy someone did some research. This post was started in 2003!! I was looking through some of the names, and I guess this was way before my time.

I think we all have sweats and chills. I remember after my neck surgery, when I started going back to physical therapy, I would litterally soak the sheets in a matter of minutes. :rolleyes: That's when I was first dx'd with RSD. I also read some earlier posts about sweating so bad like you feel like you were getting ill. This used to happen to me alot at first. That happens when you are in so much pain, that is a good sign that your meds need an adjustment. My feet will feel like they are on fire on the top, but on the bottom they feel ice cold, and my doctor when examining me said it was the opposite. :dizzy: It's just the central nervous system misfiring.

I guess the best way to combat this, is by dressing in layers. I know it's hard to find the right fabrics that don't irritate the skin. Splothcy skin is a sign of RSD as well. It's called motteling. And I hate the sweating part too! Does anyone else go through alot of lotion? I drink plenty of water, but I think from sweating so much it dries the skin out. Just curious! Aloha Skooze
Re: Sweats/Chills
Jan 13, 2007
ill go like one min ill be warm and walking around my house in a tank top and jeans and the next im pileing on like 3 layers on it is not even funny. i get the chills like every hour and then im hott. so i know what you are going threw.
Re: Sweats/Chills
Jan 14, 2007
[QUOTE=fedup05;2742192]ill go like one min ill be warm and walking around my house in a tank top and jeans and the next im pileing on like 3 layers on it is not even funny. i get the chills like every hour and then im hott. so i know what you are going threw.[/QUOTE]

As of late the same things have been happening to me, too! Hot, cold, hot, cold, and round and round I go! :dizzy: :dizzy:
Re: Sweats/Chills
Jan 14, 2007
yeah i just dont know what to do except deal with it and get more balkets or throw them off one or the other

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