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Hi Lacei, I am an RSD Spouse rather than sufferer....My husband (who thinks a really cool nickname for him here is "Ramrod"~~lol...Men!) Anyway, my husband Joey is still in the early stages...his RSD was triggered in his left foot by Morton's Neuroma surgery on 3/24....the foot didn't heal, his leg just kept swelling...up to his knee now.....

I have very mixed feelings about his Dr., because he has at least been understanding enough to not be cheap with the pain medication....but yet I know from what I've learned here on the Internet and here especially, that he is not up to date on RSD. He's an Orthopedic Surgeon, and he thinks RSD Burns out in 2 yrs.

Anyway, yesterday, my little Ramrod went for his first Spinal Block....a Lumbar Sympathetic Block. It only releived his pain for a few hours. Meanwhile, he's on Percocet, Valium, Demerol, and today they started Elavil too. I liked his Anesthesiologist at the Pain Center in a major Hospital they sent us to...but we still have to go back to the other guy for regular's so hard to find anyone who specializes in RSD....I've been trying to find someone, and I can't get the info! Alot of Neurologists will list their 'specialties' but it's never RSD! I'm so frustrated with all of the hours and hours I spend here on the Internet researching and typing and printing things out for him to learn.....why haven't we learned all this from our own Dr? Why ISN'T there an RSD Clinic or Specialty practice in Boston...or anywhere near here???

You are SOOOOOOO lucky you were blessed to meet up with your Dr., after so many years of pain and mis diagnosis.....I truly hope he is able to bring you the pain relief you deserve, and if you're not getting it, it sounds like he's supportive of you telling him that right away and he won't be offended...he'll try something else ASAP!

Good're not alone anymore! :)

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