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Ok, I was where you are at the end of July. My RSD is on the entire left side of my from my toes to my neck. My doc did a popilteal block which turned the nerves off in the lower portion of the leg, done in behind the knee. That worked the first time he did it, the second time didn't do what we expected. He increased my dosage of baclofen, and put me on methadone. The methadone made me sleep a lot and did help with the pain, but left me useless to do anything. This was a short term measure for me as 5 days after being put on the methadone, I was put into the hospital for an inpatient ketamine infusion. Ketamine is the one thing that works for me when all else fails. I have been dealing with this for over 4 years. If your docs don't do ketamine and you want to travel to NY I can give my doc's info.
Stay strong. I know it is almost impossible to, but you have to be stronger than the pain.

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