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I am scheduled to have my first nerve block done on my right arm next week by a doctor I have never seen. I have been to this pain clinic once before for initial eval and the doc was so horrible that I asked my primary hand doc to request a different doc to do the block. When I called to make the appt, I asked if I would be sedated for the block and said that I had some other questions. They told me that I could ask the doc at the time of my appt just before the block.
Well, I'd kinda like to know a little about what's going to happen before I get there. Can any body tell me what its like to have a nerve block to your arm?
Was wondering things like:
Do they sedate you before inserting the needle?
How far in does the needle go into the neck? (to the spine?)
Will I have to have a series of blocks?
How do you feel afterward?
How does your arm feel afterward?
How long does it last?

Can anybody help with some answers? I'm pretty nervous and just want to know a little of what to expect. My block is Friday June 27th. Thanks!

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