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Hello and welcome to the group.. wish it was under other circumstances but.. All of us on this board are hear for you if you have any questions or just need to blow off steam!

I also to developed RSD after having a mortons neuroma removed from my right foot. That was done in Sept and the symptoms of the RSD started about 5 days after the surg but the doc blamed it on something else and never really got diagnosed untill my symptoms were there for a month. But I had a total of 7 blocks that didnt help me at all. I switched docs because the doc that didthe surg kept poo pooing me off so i went and saw a pain mang. doc and he admitted me in the hosp for a week cause my foot was so bad, and had me hooked up to a continous epidural and phy therapy 2 times a day. That helped while the epidural was in , but once it came out my toes started to turn blue and pain came all right back. So to make it a short story, i know have a spinal cord stimulator implanted that i had put in on march of this year and 2 weeks ago i had to have more wires put in becase it wasnt wrking well. And its still not working so it looks like i am heading for a pain pump implanted as well..

I also have problems with my vision but it only happens in my right eye, same side as my rsd in my foot and it also goes blurry at times and last for a little while.. not a full day but enough to bug me and my eye doc was like there is nothing wrong and then i told him that i have RSD nad he siad that could be the prob. And my pain doc said that it will also, just one more of the side effects of RSD.

In regaurds of being "cured" from RSD, its not really cureable. It can be put into remission and it can last a day to up to many years or forever. The key to get it into remission is early diagnosis and early aggressive treatment. I am also on Neurontin and Elavil, Lidoderm patches, and Lortabs or Percocet. It is very important to have family there to support you or someone that can help you through it. But you ahve to do it for you not for them...Be strong and dont be afraid to tell them that you hurt and dont hold back feelings because stress only makes the RSD worse!! Really! not joking. My family had no clue how bad i was untill my doc put me in the hosp that was an hour away from my house and put in there for a week! My doc told them flat out that this is serious and that i can loose my foot/leg at any time untill we get this under control (which is still isnt) With me the RSD is so bad in my foot that i have developed severe osteoporosis soo.. ??

I have a terrible time telling people whats wrong with my foot and why i hobble and my foot is frozen in a weird positon.. I just tell them that its a nerve disease and its messed it up. or that i had surg on it, that way there is no questions or any looks like i am from outer space when i say that I have

Sorry so long.. Please post us if you ahve any questions!! We all have been thorough alot and have alot under our belts with different treatments and meds and other stuff too.. so please post all you want! WE are here for you at any time and hope you are feeling good today.. The weather bothers me soo mcuh and with it being 80-90's i am stuck in doors so i can keep sain with a little pain. Ok.. talk to you later. again welcome !!


Welcome to the forum Liz.

I have RSD that started from a fractured wrist and is now in my arm and legs.

Unfortunately as of this day there is no cure for RSD. Some people are lucky enough to go into remission, but yet can have the Rsd pop up again at any time or even spread at any giving time. RSd has a mind of its own ,it will do what it wants ,when it wants.

I had so many treatments in the begining to try and put it into remission, some were downright horrific. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I now have a spinal cord stimulator that has become my best friend. I just pray that it continues to work for me.

I know I have got to the point where I was just so mentally and physically tired and ready to give up .I was so tired of being poked and proded and trying so many different meds with all the awfull side effects, but thankfully I have such a supportive family that made me fight even more.

I am now going on 3 years with this and I guess I can say I have accepted this disorder as a part of my life and try to make the best out of every day with my family and loved ones. I was just so tired of this disorder controlling me.

Never give up, some days will be worse then others, but the next may be better. Hopefully someday there will be a cure or at least a treatment that has no bad side effects like the ones today.

You have come to a good forum, every one is here for each other on good days and bad.

Take care

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