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I decided to sue, but not for money. This is the letter I wrote to my attorney. Tell me what you think about this! The only reason I am not suiing is because I can't only receive $250,000. But if I get 100% disability that will equal much more than 250G.

Letter to Atty:

Dear Mr. ****

My name is Crystal M. Barkley-Swenson; I spoke with you in February 2003, regarding my medical dilemma of (RT) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome release which led to paralysis.

I am a referred customer from Pre-paid legal. You asked me to get the consent and pre-operative information. The Veterans Hospital claim they do not have a hard copy of the consent I signed for surgery.

From my understanding and an appointment on 9 July 2003, the results of surgery led to Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Mr. Rainey, I am not interested in any type of monetary settlement because the surgery went wrong. I have four interests: #1. Whichever doctor who performed Carpal Tunnel Release surgery, to attend formal course of study or remedial training/education with a fellowship trained hand surgeon, with verification of satisfactory or above results from instructor/trainer or school. #2. Request disability for right hand rated at 100% due to inabilities of performing Active Daily Living procedures. #3. I am permitted to appear before this doctor and the surgical committee for 10 minutes to help him/her understand the impact of this surgery and how it has changed my entire and anticipated life of Network Administration, Sign Language or even my ability seek employment in Domestic Services. #4. All legal fees incurred, Veteranís Administration/Hospital is held liable for payment.

In the event you should help achieve my goals in this matter, I am receptive to your professional opinion and any information you may provide.

Please tell me what you think!

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