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I was just wondering if anyone else has cold burning pain instead of the hot burning pain, and if anyone else has hypo-sensitivity, and not hyper-sensitivity.

I've read on web sites that this can happen, and one group of doctors refer to rsd as 'hot rsd' or 'cold rsd.' I have only heard a couple stories about cold burning pain, at least one on a forum, either this one, or the other one that was down for a while, I can't remember.

I've had the cold burning from the beginning, it is horrible. It's like sticking my hand and most of my forearm into freezing ice water and leaving it there. I have the hand sweats, the cold temp difference, between 88 - 92 usually. I have muscle atrophy, change in appreance of my hand, but no major color differences like so many of you have. My skin is shinier and seems to be pulled tighter than on my right hand, and it's much smoother, the texture of the skin. I have swelling, localized in my hand, but it's spread to just above my wrist. I have tingling in my fingers, hand, and wrist. I am absent minded and have to write notes for everything, I suffer depression, bad at times, and anxiety.

Both of my feet and lower legs swell some too. My shoes are very tight on me sometimes (I wear clogs around the house. Easy on, easy off. No laces, and no puling them on or off). That never happened before the accident.

I get severe hot flashes often, and i can never tell if it's warm or cold in the house so I have to ask my kids. My pinkie and ring finger twitch sometimes, especially when I stretch. My other hand does not.

When it rains, it's the worse. It's been raining for over 2 weeks now. We did have 1 day of sunshine a couple days ago, but then the afternoon t-storms came back. Lately my pain level has been a pretty constant 5 - 6, but it's gone to probably a 7 recently at times. I wonder if it's as bad as some of yours. Sometimes when i read some of your posts I don't think so. Ya'll just seem so far worse off than I am.

Sometimes I wonder how my 5 compares with someone else's 5. I'm usually good with pain, the night of last my c-section, I called my doc and told him to let them take out the catheter, let me eat real food, and let me get up and walk around the hospital (which I did). The girl in the bed next to me did not get up the entire time I was there, not even to go potty or to shower, and she had her c-section the day before I did. I went home after 48 hours. She was still there.

My pain changes... Types are: stabbing, shooting, throbbing, cold tingling, most times constant, sometimes it comes and goes. I also have sharp pain, a constant deep sharp ache, sometimes a duller ache, sometimes it feels like a big needle is stuck in my hand, often at the base of my hand, a pressure pain, sort of like something is squeezing it and won't stop. The pain level has gotten a lot worse over time (the past few weeks especially). Once I felt a stinging in my pinkie finger, like a yellow jacket or such was stinging my pinkie from the middle joint to the tip. It would come and go, but got more frequent and lasted longer as the evening passed. I also had sleep problems before they put me on 200 mgs of trazadone at night.

Is it possible that I just have a nerve injury and not RSD? My PM doesn't think so, neither did the hand specialist I went to. They say I have RSD (or CRPS type 2). But sometimes when I am reading your posts it makes me wonder if i don't have rsd because I don't have the hot pain or the discoloration you guys have (at least not yet). I'm somewhere in the first 6 months of having rsd or whatever it is. I hate feeling this way.
Thanks for listening,

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