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No pain to touch
Jul 19, 2003
I have a question for everyone please!! I'm reading all the posts I have missed and noted that someone (sorry can't remember who) said they have pain to touch. I don't have that. You can scratch with fingernails all along my foot and leg, nothing..... even my right arm, no pain. only my left foot is itching right now... do you think I could have something else like nerve damage or neuropathy? For those new people-- I crushed my foot under a chair on feb 17th, had bad electrical shock sensations and burning. Had 5 nerve blocks, one three phase bone scan (didn't show anything), x-rays (normal) but doctor diagnosed rsd through lumbar block for right leg. I asked about the blotchy skin the last appointment and the doctor said "i see that a lot in overweight caucasian women. you're very fair and any temperature change will affect your skin. nothing to worry about." uh, excuse me, right around my knees on the inside gets really blotchy but he said that's normal. I don't know what to think. I have some symptoms of rsd but not the others. I haven't had night sweats in a long time. Remember I told you my sister was a radiologist? well when I was home I had a long talk with her and she said that if you're under stress that you can psychomatically cause yourself to have symptoms. I didn't have practically any pain or anything for two weeks while I was on vacation (hubby didn't go). I wore flats and hose, went out to dinners, slept at least 8-10 hours a night, ate whatever I wanted, ran around all over the place, malls, flea markets, etc. Please let me know what you think.

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