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Jul 24, 2003
I think I'm beginning to understand depression!! I've only been back at work for 4 days and already my foot and leg hurt. It feels like sort of itching and numb. I'm thinking the block could be wearing off but since I'm new at this I don't know. I quit taking the elavil cause I just couldn't function at work all doped up. I have an appointment with dr. enty on Monday. Can your limbs just sort of itch and ache without going full blown attack? I'm also sweating like a pig (I don't mean perspire to be dainty I mean sweat!!!). Ohio was nice and cool and I didn't seem to do this but now I'm back in Texas heat and I'm suffering. It seems to come and go. I've noticed that when I get stressed all of a sudden it's like a flush and I feel like somebody turned up my body heat by about 25 degrees. I can feel the liquid dripping down my back and between my breasts. Also sitting at work for 4-5 hours is making my legs numb. And if that's not bad enough, I almost lost my temper and told this clueless person in the office off this week. I mean I was ready to commit violence on this person. SHe is so DENSE!!! Are these RSD symptoms do you think? To top it off bc/bs insurance has told me that the aneothologist (forgive spelling) is out of plan and they won't pay about half!!!! Ugh, let's see $1,000 each block times 5 that's 5,000 grand and that leaves me with about $2500. I ain't even going to tell hubby, he'll just freak on me and I don't need that.
Re: Itching!!!!
Jul 24, 2003
Dayton, I'm sorry you're having such a bad day. Heat/humidity and stress definitely takes it's toll on someone with RSD. It's been very humid here in the Northeast and I have experienced the same rise in body temps and flushes. I have RSD in the foot and it does itch more when it is hot. Do you wear stockings? They also may irritate you. Of course, getting hit with a big insurance bill doesn't help. Go home tonight, have a drink and try to relax and stay cool. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

There is always hope....

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