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Opioids & RSD
Jul 26, 2003

Have you ever heard whether opioids can heal nerves and/or nerve pain in some cases? I have had RSD since August 25, 2001. I am using Duragesic for severe chronic pain and Vicodin for breakthrough pain. I was hoping that maybe opioids might heal my RSD.

Re: Opioids & RSD
Jul 27, 2003
Hey everyone :wave:

babydoll, you should look into increasing your neurontin. Opioids don't help with nerve pain, and certainly do not heal the nerves, but siezure meds, like neuriontin, are supposed to help with nerve pain. Opiods only help aliviate some of the pain you are in by blocking the way your body is percieving pain. Pain meds don't heal the problem, they just make them more tolerable to bare.

I'm on duragesic patches as needed when my pain gets unbearable (75mcg/h), and I also take 10mg lorcets when I'm not on a patch. Neither make my pain go away 100%, but they do make it more tolerable by dulling my senses to pain. I too use lidoderm patches.

There is no cure for RSD. Sometimes you can get it into remission, but it can come back at any time. Hopefully some day this will change, but for now, it's what we're stuck with, and it sucks.

I hope you all have a low pain week,

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