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sorry norine i see i didn't answer your pain question very well. that one night i had a 10 plus i mean it was crying all night long and tearing my hair out pain. vicodin and phernagan and ultram did absolutely nothing for it. it went away and settled to about a 3 and then lessened to a 2 or so, this was over a couple of months period. i had my accident on february 17th and started blocks in april. after the first block i went down to about a 1 and then as i had more it went away. right now my leg just had a mild itch, very bearable with meds. dr. enty did say that i was unusual in that i never had swelling, real blue type blotchiness, sensitivity to touch and all and the level of pain he's seen in other patients. he said i just didn't fit the normal description of rsd but everybody is different. he said the block confirmed it tho. it gets numb if i sit too long. now if i can just get used to the elavil being at 75 per nite i'll do ok. at least i'm not so grumpy!!

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