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[img][/img] Help, my foot is on fire. I usually don't get burning pain like this. It feels like some one lit a match and is moving it back and forth under my toes and arch of foot. My toes are really purple today and swollen a little. Also my leg is itching really bad. [img][/img]

I had a lumbar sympathetic block done on wed and it was working really well. :) My pain was only a 1-2 till sat when it became a 3 which is still really good! Now it is on fire.

My regular pm doc has been on vacation so this other pm doc has been doing my blocks. I told him the darvocet was not helping for the pain between the blocks so he gave me elavil. I started at 25-50mgs at night. Then when I saw him on wed I told him all it did was help me sleep better. He increased my dose to 75-100mgs [img][/img] at night. He says it is supposed to make the darvocet work better. All it did was make me sleep walk :eek: into my bedroom wall!! Ouch!!

Well, now that I'm done venting, Is their anything to make the burning stop? I don't get another block till thur and I think I may need to hack my leg of by then.
Well thanks for any help you can give. Hope everyone is having low pain days.
Zim [img][/img]

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