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Re: Angeinboston
Aug 11, 2003
Hi Zim :wave:

I hope you're having a low-pain day, but if you're only on Darvocet then I seriously doubt it! :(

I just read Joey this thread on the phone (I'm at work) and he wanted to tell you how he LOVES his Demerol, they are 50mg/6hr tablets that the Dr. prescribes once a week for him (I don't think they like to prescribe more than a weeks worth at a time, but that might just be his Dr., that's how the Percocet and Valium are too) So, he only takes them after he's gotten home from work (he's a chef who 'runs' around a huge corporate kitchen all day, and he's in absolute agony by the time he gets home!)

When he was first diagnosed with RSD after his 3/26 surgery for Morton's Neuroma between his toes triggered the RSD in his Ankle and foot we went through a slew of different medications....he had already been on Percocet for the pain from the Neuroma for a couple of months, and that wasn't covering the RSD pain anymore....for a long time the Dr. kept trying to tell us there was 'nothing stronger' than Percocet...(yeah, right! :p ).....but Joey kept calling and calling begging to be seen again and stressing how much pain he was in...he finally offered Dilaudid pills, which I thought was going to help him alot because I'd always heard how awesome it was, but they did nothing for Joey, although he wonders if a stronger version might have (he was on the mildest...think it was 2mg?)

So again he stayed on the Percocets, and kept asking for something stronger....again the Dr. played dumb, until I went with him to an appt, and I stuck up for him and demanded that he needed something to help him, the Dr. kept asking us what we were looking for....finally he suggested Demerol, and I immediately agreed that it had helped me in the hospital after my C-sections, and that's how we got the first prescription, and Joey finally gets relief! He still takes the Percocets too, and he tried Ultram (Totally sux yet gets you addicted!) and he's on Valium, Neurontin, and was on Elavil but refuses to take it now because he's convinced it gave him some bad side effects. (He's seeing a new pain Dr. on Wednesday, and will ask for a different Anti-Depressant, which I hope you are taking too, since they DO help the other meds by attatching to nerve endings and doing something good there (?) as well as lifting YOUR mood!)

The thing that bums Joey out now is the excruciating pain he's in all day at work....he only takes Advil, which of course does nothing...he says the only thing getting him through is the light at the end of the tunnel knowing he can get home and take his Demerol and rest! He's thinking about asking the Dr. about the Duragesic Patches, or we've heard there's a Demerol Patch (?) and he's wondering if he'd be able to drive and work if he had one of those? He really wants something he can take at work to help the pain but still be safe driving and with all his knives and dangerous finger-ripping-off machines! (Sorry, that was a bit too graphic! :P )

Sorry to be so long winded here, but we advise you to call your Dr. immediately and demand better pain relief or a referral to a major hospital's Pain Center...tell him you talk on a message board with lots of other RSD patients who are all comparing their treatments and Meds, and that you KNOW there is better relief out there! [img][/img]

I don't know where we would be if we hadn't discovered this Board, it has definitely been THE most informational place I've found, but especially because it's so great to be able to talk to the only other people in the world who understand what we're going through [img][/img]

Good Luck!

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