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Im sorry to hear you had side effects from the block but glad it worked. hopefully they caught it in time!!

About the other thing, dont be scared or embarresed to ask us anything!! I have only had the lumbar blocks and the long term epidural and the only thing i can think of is that when the numbed you for your block that it numb other areas also and thats how you didnt know that you did that. When i was in the hosp with the continuous epidural for 6 days, there was 3 times that i wet the bed bc i couldnt fell my bladder or know that i needed to go. ANd i didnt know that i wet the bed until i noticed that it had been a while since i used the bed pan. Bc with my epidural i couldnt walk or move my legs bc they had my meds for my foot that strong. HOped i helped!! Let us know how long the block lasts too! Are you sceduled for another one??


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