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Hi Everyone :wave:

Remember last week when Joey passed out at least twice the first night he was put on the Morphine Sulfate? And then a few days later the strange deep black bruises appeared on his upper right arm?

Well, yesterday he woke up with his right elbow frozen in place and in such excruciating pain he couldn't straighten it out at first he thought maybe he slept on it wrong or something and he told me to go on with my day (took the kids to the zoo with a friend's family). When I came home that evening, I found him groaning in incredible pain, and his elbow was starting to look swolen. He didn't want to go to the Emergency Room because he hates Sunday's for Health Care, and said the Emergency Room wouldn't know anything about RSD...he wanted to wait for Monday (today.) Also what alarmed me was that his (usually normal) right foot was also swolen and puffy, along with his left...and his skin on his hands and legs looks strangely his knuckles all look blue, although he might have bruising from falling there too??? [img][/img] Oh yes, he's also been sweating profusely, although it's cold sweat...and he has chills all the time and has to wear heavy long sleeve shirts even when it's in the 90's!! (But those symptoms aren't new)

So today we called first thing, but his Ortho is on vacation this week, and they wanted us to see his Primary Care Physician...he ordered Xrays and Blood Tests, but he couldn't contort his arm all the ways they wanted him to...and the Xrays they took didn't show any fracture. His blood tests did not show any infection. His Elbow is REALLY swolen and VERY hot to the touch, which seems pretty damn obvious to me that it's the RSD attacking it!! And his Morphine is not even touching the pain at all!! (His foot feels fine with the Morphine)

The PCP was under the (MISTAKEN!!) impression that RSD does NOT jump to other parts of the body.....and I told him it sure does, that I was on this website and talking to MANY RSD patients and it's actually very common!

So, seeing no fracture or infection, they put his arm in a sling, and told him to make an appt with the Ortho who would be in on Tuesday!! He looks like HELL, like death warmed over, and he got sent home with a sling!!! I had demanded a wheelchair to push him around the place with, to radiology and the blood test and back up to the Dr. office, and still, just a SLING??? AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! :mad:

So, tomorrow (Tuesday) is his appt for his 3rd Lumbar block at the hospital we hate, then we'll go to see this Substitute Ortho...or we could call his Pain Management Dr., she's only in on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Meanwhile, poor Joe is in bed screaming in pain every time his arm moves the slightest bit!

I don't think it's broken, because then he wouldn't have felt fine for over 3 days, right? Unless by some weird longshot it was cracked but didn't hurt until it got lodged out of place?? But I think the fact that it's burning hot is the telling sign, RIGHT???

Well, that's it I guess....Joey just wanted me to come on and tell all of you....we'll let you know what happens. :(

Hope you all have low pain days......
~Ange [img][/img]

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