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What a jerk of a doc. The first red flag would him not agreeing or blowing off what your other docs have told you! And next not being agressive in treatment , what is that? I mean even if he thinks that you dont have RSD wouldnt you at least try a block or ?? expecailly with a pos bone scan!

I have RSD in my Right foot and have had it now for 11 1/2 mos and my foot is swollen 3 times the size of my other foot and its blue/red/purple, blochy and the rsd has attacked my tendons and lig. in my foot nad its deformed nad inverted so that i can only walk on the out side of my foot and the rest is stuck up in the air. I cant where shoes or sneakers and can only wear a specific sock or else it kills me. I also have severe osteoporosis in my foot and leg due to the RSD and also had a pos bone scan. So that doc is full of bolony when he says it swells and changes colors due to non activity! ugghhh.. this makes me made that this happened to you!! I have a spinal cord stim implanted nad probably a pain pump in the near future. I have stage 3 CRPS/RSD.

So go with your gut and throw his opinion out the window!! Like you said, see someone else before you give up on helping you deal with this and put it into remission before its to late!! Good luck and keep us updated as to how you are doing and if you see a nother doc...


PS.. how old are ya.??? I am 25 :round: :D

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