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Hello all. I'm a newcomer to this board...and this life changing disease. I was diagnosed with RSD this past thursday. I went to my orthopaedist to have my cast on my hand removed only to find that, not only has my hand not healed at all, my bones are so demineralized you can barely see the outline of them. The doc tells me I have a nerve disorder called RSD, and that it will take many months for the breaks in my hand to heal.
He prescribed me new pain meds, an osteoporosis med, and an anti-depressant. Tells me to not only drink as much as I can, but to take calcium and vitamin D 3-4 times a day.
Then he asks how the MRI for my back done 3 weeks ago looked, nods his head at negative results, and says he'll see me in a month.
Let me give you a little background....
7 weeks ago four children and myself were in a bad car wreck. Thank God the kids and the guy that hit us weren't hurt. I, on the other hand, broke 3 bones in my hand, and did something to my back. Untill 2 weeks ago I couldn't walk much further than the 15 feet to my bathroom. I was poked, prodded, x-rayed, ct scanned and finally had an MRI. No answers on any of them.
In the mean time, my memory is shot. I'm thinking that I really messed something up when I hit the windshield. I found myself getting more and more depressed, while I am sleeping and eating less and less. The pain gets to an almost unbearable point, just the wind blowing across it feels like burning razor blades. To make a long story short,,,,
I thought I was losing my mind. Then my doc tells me I have this disorder like its a common cold. I had to research it all weekend just to figure out what the heck it is. That is, after I finally remembered what he told me.
And to top it all off, when I told my boyfriend of a year...he blew up at me for waking him up off the couch, took a shower and went to bed. It seems his ex had it too. I was crying, terrified,,,and he was mad that I interrupted his sleep. We are now broke up.
When does it ever stop? Is there anything that really helps? Does anyone who doesn't have it truly understand the hell it is to force yourself not to cry out in pain just to get out of bed each day?

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