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hi everybody again. just a recap. was in a mva 11/02. herniated disc in back and neck as a result. rsd like symptoms developed in 01/03 in right hand then over to the left hand in 03/03. one doctor diagnosed rsd in 05/03. bout 4 other doctors said it looked like rsd but no one has acted on it. any nerve blocks were cancelled. i am seeing a pain management doctor that says i have a lot of autonomic symptoms going on but dont think it is rsd. i am in physical therapy now and they said it looks like herniated disc problems with rsd because the symptoms i have are not typical of just herniated disc. (now is that possible to have herniated disc problems with rsd?)they said it is. they sugested i see another doctor. anyway i have some symptoms that seem to be getting worse and was wondering if anyone else have them...they are...severe joint pain too with the other pain! i mean my shoulder joint hurts so much now i can hardly move it at times! the joints in my fingers ache also. all this is on both shoulders and hands. right side is worse. the other thing is this..i will be doing something then all of sudden... i just cant seem to move!! i mean i just hurt all over..everywhere! the best way to describe it is when you get the flu and you have that severe all body ache where you cant move and you have to just go to bed!! i can be doing something then boom i am done!! these types of symptoms seem to be getting worse.. does anybody have these symptoms too?? i am working up to 1800mg of neurontin daily and 25mg of zanaflex and also a tens unit and 500mg of vicodin when needed..all this helps some but still always in pain..another thing is this>>>>PAIN .. how do you get people who do not have pain to understand pain? ..i mean its like this..some people have told me..(whats wrong with you? why u loafing? why cant u do this today? u did it yesterday. it seems you should be doing something..) i have even heard people say behind my back things like (he is going to the extreme with this problem of his. or other people have the same problem he does *ie* herniated disc problems and they are back to normal in just 3 months.) i even heard someone say behind my back that there is nothing wrong with him. he is just doing a show. THINGS LIKE THAT.. now these are not doctors that say those things... its other people i know that have no pain. it really depresses me..i used to be a work horse at work before 11/02 and now i have no job and cant hardly do simple things. i dont like it that i am in pain all the time..i dont like it that i can do something one day or even an hour ago and then i cant do it.. i dont like it that i can be doing something then all of a sudden i ache so bad and so fatigued and have no energy to do anything.. HOW do you get people to understand what i am going through too...SO SORRY FOR VENTING. i know that everyone on this boards understands but incase you dont..SORRY and thankyou for reading and thankyou for any comments..timmy**
ps...i forgot...does anybody have problems with memory? i do and sometimes bad.. sometimes i cant remember why i even went to the store or cant remember the doctor's name when i am in the doctors office..i feel stupid. i have checked the web and with other medical people if the medications i am on might do that..and they seem to think its not the medications....its not my really isnt..
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[This message has been edited by timmy k (edited 08-24-2003).]

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