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RSD has a way, when its new, to completely consume your thoughts, your life. Its just horrid, AT FIRST. Then, after the initial shock of it wears off, you dont let it control you so much, you instead learn to live with it. At least thats the goal.

I sure hope you dont stay in this hole you're in. I sincerely do. The fact is, like it or not, you have RSD, and there's nothing you can do about it now. You're going to have to process it and go through all the emotions that processing requires...for me, it was a lot like the grieving process. There's a lot of emotions there! But face it, dont run from it hun...Its reality.

I know Cynthia (personally) and she LOVES her life! She hates her RSD, but let me tell you, she loves her life, wheelchair and all. But on the same note, the reason I know her, is because I was feeling EXACTLY the way you do now, and in search of a support group, I hunted her down after reading an article she wrote. I wasn't able to find a support group, but instead, I was able to jump on board with becoming pro-active in helping people become more aware of this disease! Now I feel like I play a small role in doing something, ANYTHING to battle this monster. That pulled me out...

I was planning on running another marathon when my RSD kicked in with a vengence and spread full body extremely quickly and hasnt let up since. I too have a scooter now that I have to use occassionally (but not always) and everyday im reminded that no matter how many meds I take, I probably wont ever be completely pain free again.

But I have to learn to live this way...for now at least. I have some days that are better then others, and on those days, I use them to my fullest advantage! I play harder, work harder, smile harder, and laugh harder! The sun seems brighter, the music seems crisper, and my life is generally happier! It also makes my 'bad' days a little eaiser to tollerate because I know they arent forever... a good days' right around the corner!

For some reason, we have this... cant change it.. we just do... Dont try to put a square peg into a round hole, but instead work with the shapes you have!

Make your life work for you... enjoy what you DO have... Your life is STILL worth living...And in our lifetime, there WILL be a cure... until then, manage it the best you can, and hang on tight!!!!

Try to bargain with this beast and shake its hand. Its better then fighting it all the time... Shrug.. am I making any sense at all?? LOLOLOL..

I hope so... I hope so sooooo much... Either way.. This board is here for you with tons of support... and lots of love...


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