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Re: Referred pain?
Sep 2, 2003
Thank you all for your responses......there are a lot of good points to consider.

I'm praying it is a sort of referred pain. But with the way my luck has run since my car accident, I won't hold my breath.

Shelley, that is exactly what I'm talking about. The pain is in the exact spot my other hand is broken, and where the nerve damage was done. Your post gives me hope that it is just referred pain. Do you also get the swelling and temperature change in your good hand? That's one reason why its such a concern.

I wish I knew how to tell if it were a vitamin deficiency....maybe a journal? I began keeping one a couple weeks ago and I can tell you that too many sweets set me on fire. Literally. My hand got so hot and swollen that the skin started pealing just like after a sunburn. I thin keeping a pain journal is a good tool on helping to find what helps, and when changes happen. Especially if your menory is as bad as mine!

I have taken this disease into my own hands and got a referral to the best hand doctor from here to Kentucky. I go to see him in a couple weeks. He has about a dozen RSD patients now. I'm hoping my luck is changing. I'll keep you posted on that. If this doc is half as good as his reputation, I'd be glad to give anyone info on his clinic.

You have risen quite a few good points worth researching. I'm with Dayton, too. There is no telling how many are misdiagnosed when it comes to this monster.

From what I've read, when it spreads it can be in almost any direction, even sporadiclly. Maybe you can damage one nerve enough to offset the entire a crosswire in your car, or throwing a breaker at home.

If there is one thing I've learned, its how you can't take it lying down. Remember....the doc works for YOU...this is not a disease to take lightly.

I guess I'm just tired of being blown off by least today I got some pain meds that work and I'm almost thinking straight. Now if I could just stop crying at the drop of a hat......that would be nice to be in control of my emotions again.

Sorry this is so long......just had to get it down or I'll forget what I want to say. ;)

I hope this finds everyone having a "good" day.

[img][/img] Nakona

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