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Sep 1, 2003
i have been diagnosed with r.s.d. in both feet after being hit by a car in 2001. my feet were run over by a car's tires i saw one dr. for the year of '02 he never really new about rsd, he also never gave me a emg to see if any nerves where damaged in my feet. i did pt for 1 year, accupuncture take 1400 mg of neurontin a day, vicodien every 4-6 hours, xanax 3 times a day and every day i feel no difference exept if my pain burning hot then cold numb tingling so sensative that when the water hits my feet i want to vomit. the only relief i feel i have as an option is to have never been hit in the first place. i cant make that happen, nooone can so i drain my family emotionally physically and financially im unable to sometimes get out of bed. i barly am able to leave the house i fall constantly. i also have heart disease and have had valve replacement surgery. what do i do? how can i have a life that allows me to be a better mother to my son and productive person. i was diagnosed with RSD in late 2002 after i got smart and got a new dr who told me what was the matter. my right foot kept falling to the side making me fall more, i walk on the outside part of my feet i cant put them flat they turn blue then red they get hot..why? i dont believe there is a pill or procedure that can help me i simply believe i just have to keep trying to get up.

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