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Can RSD spread?
Sep 1, 2003
My original site was my right arm. Now I have burning in both feet and hands. My surgeon and my neurologist have both said RSD does not spread.
I think this is a big debate with many of us.

I do know it spreads.....but if the research I've done is even half right, you can't predict where it will spread to. My research suggests it is a disorder of the entire nervous system. Not to mention sweat glands, skeletal system, circulatory system, etc.

I've had 2 doctors tell me it doesn't spread. Yet it started in my hand and has now spread into my fingers and past my wrist. This is the osteoporosis from being in a cast, but it is a side effect of an RSD limb being immobilized.

I would say it spreads......but I don't have a degree. ;)

Hope this finds you having a "good" day.
[img][/img] Nakona
Merrick believe me if you had a brain infection you would be in the hospital asap.

sfangel, RSD spreads wherever whenever. mine went from my wrist, hand, arm to my legs.

I feel alot of dr's are not well educated in RSD. After I have talked to so many people with this disorder I know it spreads and it dosn't go in order when it spreads it can randomly spread anywhere. We know more then the dr's because we are the ones who are actually living with it. We know our bodies, we know when somthing just isn't right.

I had my family dr. tell me it dosn't spread thankfully he is not the one treating me. My pain dr knows it spreads anywhere at anytime.

It just makes a person mad when there dr. tries and deny what we are feeling and makes excuses for what is ailing us because truthfully, They don't have a clue.

Hi, everybody

Merrick, my present neurologist only thinks I have "simple muscle pain." I certainly do not believe this crap! He says this because he does not see any RSD symptoms in my left knee/leg. I told him again and again that my RSD symptoms are masked by Duragesic, the strong narcotic painkiller I am using. I even found an article from Dr. Schwartzman referring to narcotic meds not only killing pain but also masking other symptoms of chronic pain conditions.

Cattys, it is certainly true many doctors are not well educated in RSD, if at all.

"When it spreads it can randomly spread anywhere." I wish doctors would realize this.

True, we know more than doctors about RSD because we live with this monster every day.
SFangel, I am sorry to hear your dr. is treating you this way. It is bad enough what you have to deal with then you have him making you second guess everything. Is there any way you could get a new dr. You just keep your head held up high and always remember you are somebody. We RSD sufferers are survivors.

Merrick, The spread went to my legs after I had my first spinal cord stimulator implant I think that is what made it spread to my legs.

It spread from my wrist up my arm and into my neck within 3 months of being diagnosed .

I hope you guys never have it spread. Every new ache I get scares me anymore, you just can't tell with this disorder what it will do next.

I hope you all have a pain tolerable restfull nights sleep.

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