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Hi, everybody

Sharon, I also believe that most legitimate pain patients taking narcotic painkillers for pain relief do not usually get addicted to them. I am glad so many people believe this.

“Docs have told me that chronic pain patients are lacking some chemical in their bodies that people who don’t have chronic pain have. Because of this, chronic pain patients can’t become addicted.” This is very interesting. Can you give more information about this or can you paste any article about this subject here?

“I think that if I had been addicted, I would have had some problems getting off of the oral meds.” I believe that even if someone is not addicted, he/she can have problems getting off from narcotic meds because he/she is physically dependent on them, especially if he/she has been taking them for a long time. Physical dependence can happen to someone who is not addicted.

You think oral narcotic meds can cause feelings of euphoria because they flow through the system, unlike meds that are delivered directly into the spinal cord. I think that euphoria is more likely to happen with short acting opioid meds. I have never gotten euphoria feelings from oral or transdermal narcotic meds.

Doctors like to say that RSD burns itself out with time. This is not true. RSD can go into remission, but it does not burn itself out.

Terry, doctors often confuse physical dependence with addiction. They think being physically dependent on a narcotic med means being addicted to it. These doctors really need to update their knowledge of narcotic meds and their use in the treatment of chronic non-malignant pain, such as that of RSD.

Many of my doctors refuse to prescribe for me strong, long acting narcotic meds. Only 2 of them were caring enough to be willing to prescribe these meds.

That doctor who accused you of displaying addiction behaviors because you were begging for pain relief with narcotic meds is a jerk! I can easily guess he would not hesitate to use these meds if he was in your shoes for even a day.

You will probably never be completely free from RSD because it is a chronic condition with no cure. However, you can certainly go into remission and I sincerely hope you do.

No doctor should ever take a wait and see approach with RSD because this monster needs to be treated early in order for it to go in remission and in order for it not to progress to a higher stage or spread.

You do not have to feel dirty and worthless because you get narcotic meds from family and friends. It is not your fault if your doctors will not prescribe them for you.

Please do not say your daughter will grow as a child of divorce because of some fault of your own. You did not invite RSD into your body and into your life.

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