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I'm - Back...
Yes I'm taking both neurontin and gabapentin. I am also seeing a Behavior Health Specialist at St.Luke's Hospital for anxiety and paranoia. The accident I had almost killed me. Big deal. It was me and not any of you. Yea I have a lot of stress that goes with it. I guess none of you have any post traumatic stress disorders or else you would know what I'm talking about and what the relationship with PARANOIA is.

Post traumatic stress disorders can occur as a sudden, acute response, or it can develop gradually and become chronic or persistent. Studies indicate that people who live with PTSD tend to have abnormal levels of key hormones involved in the stress response, according to the NIMH. For example, research has shown that their cortisol levels are lower than normal and their epinephrine and norepinephrine are higher than normal - all of which play an important role in the body's fight-or-flight reaction to sudden stress. The body of a person with chronic PTSD may show such adaptations to the stress over time - a phenomenon that researchers call "physiologic habituation." Currently, research is being conducted to further investigate the causes and consequences of posttraumatic stress disorder.

Sometimes, the symptoms of Posttraumatic stress disorder are easy to identify; they often resemble the symptoms of depression .However PTSD is not the same as depression. "Posttraumatic stress disorder is characterized by sleeplessness; nightmares; apathy; inability to get along with others, particularly in close relationships; PARANOIA and distrust; and an unwillingness to discuss or revisit in any way the site of the trauma," says Dr. Peterson from NIMH. (The National Institute for Mental Health)

You see, I'm only trying to educate you people.

If all you people have is pain from your RSDS/CRPS and no stress, God Bless you all .

My CRPS, as DR. Mortazavi diagnosed it as, has been moving at a terrible rate of speed. In the last 4 months my pain levels have gone ballistic. Both my legs from the knees down feel like concrete pillars. Every morning I have to roll out of bed because my back is locked up with spasms. I can't remember sheet. The back of my neck cramps and when I twist it you can hear my neck crack from 5 feet away. I also sustained a torn meniscus to my knee that locks up when I squat and clicks when I walk but to operate and fix the problem would just super charge the RSD and probably kill me. I have asked doctors to amputate my left foot to relieve the pain, but they won't. I have constant ringing in both my ears, especially the left one. I get blurred vision too. YAHOO !!! I also have an RSDS twin personality that some of you have already critisized. And guess what? Iíll bet that 9 out of 10 times after I eat I get sick and at least 20% of that time I puke up supper. WHAT FUN I AM HAVING.

By the way people with RSD will have a "head" problem if they donít have an open mind.

Now read this and understand the true meaning of what I wrote about Paranoia and Stress.

True 100% RSDS/CRPS causes STRESS. Physically and Mentally. If anyone denies that they don't know what true RSDS/CRPS is all about. If the stress is high enough, as from a traumatic accident where as you almost lost your life, you have worked all your life and now your incapacitated , you severely fear going back to work, you fear going out into the public because you might see the person that caused your accident. Iím having a hard time.

Please do me a favor and don't responnd to this post as I am depressed enough and don't need any more S-T-R-E-S-S ! ! ! ! ! !

By the way folks. I almost forgot to mention. The only thing I can take for pain is NEURONTIN and ADVIL. I eat them like M&M's. I am allergic to everything else I have tried from my sweet caring doctors who put frozen ice boots on my foot and ankle 36 times at therapy.


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