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Re: Skin changes
Sep 12, 2003
I am to a right footer with RSD. I have had RSD now for a year and i have had skin changes from day one. it turns blue and purple, red blotchy, shiny, dry and its also getting thin. with mine and my pain, its always at least a 5 at the best! and even though i have a SCS and have had 6 blocks nad a week long epidural block nothing has helped. I am going to be in the hosp prob. next week to have more procedures done to try nad help me. MY doc is being as aggressive as i can take it bc i am 25 yo and i have severe osteoporosis in my foot and leg and he is afraid that i might end up loosing it soon. The pain can vary day by day too!! It can depend on the weather or your stress level ect. I knw that it is cold out or hot and humid it makes my foot worse.. it has to be a 65-70 out to make me happy weather wise. If you are still having the pain it seems like you are not in remission..??


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