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Hi, shelley and dayton

Thanks for the information. Dayton, I will look for the other post you are talking about.

If I need an ambulance (transport ambulance or 911 ambulance) to take me to the Emergency Room, it will be because I am in pain (severe uncontrollable pain) caused by the IME doctor's examining my RSD knee/leg.

The woman who hurt me or the insurance company for which the lawyer who scheduled the IME works will have to pay the bill because I am not responsible for the accident and for all the medical care required because of this accident. Emergency Room care and ambulance transportation to the ER would be included. The transport ambulance company would send me or my lawyer the bill but I would bill the woman who caused my accident or her insurance company.

Besides that, I applied for Emergency MediCal (similar to Emergency Medicaid) and if the decision is favorable, Emergency MediCal will pay for the ambulance bill, but only if it is an ambulance from 911.

Why cannot I use 911? Isn't severe uncontrollable pain considered a medical emergency in California according to EMTALA?

The lawyer who scheduled the IME (this is the lawyer defending the woman who hurt me) refused to accept that the IME doctor gives me an injection of morphine even though I showed them a letter from my doctor saying that I have RSD and that I need this shot to decrease the severe pain caused by the IME.

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Hi, cattys and shelley

Cattys, it makes sense that the IME doctor will not give me a morphine shot because he is not allowed to treat me.

Because any IME medical examination invariably involves touch, I will undoubtedly have severe to even excruciating pain because the IME doctor touched my RSD knee/leg (even simple touch or light pressure can and usually does cause severe pain to my RSD knee/leg).

Why do you say: "No examining MD cares to have any patient who walked into his office be carried out on a stretcher?"

Unfortunately, I will have to go to the IME alone because I have found no one to come with me.

Shelley, the insurance I was talking about in my previous post in this thread is the automobile insurance of the person who injured me. The company that is insuring her hired a lawyer to defend her; this lawyer scheduled the IME. It is only normal for that auto insurance company to pay for the ambulance when it is their IME that hurt me and caused me severe pain.

My lawyer is seeking from a judge a protective order for me. I hope that will help.

I read that in California, according to EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act), severe pain is considered a medical emergency. If I am in severe pain because of the IME AND I do not get any emergency medical help, I will very likely try to harm myself.

I have no other way to get to the hospital: no private transportation. I cannot use public transportation with a knee immobilizer that prevents me from bending my knee because it is in the way and I would get hurt if someone tripped on it.

I am sorry if someone else cannot get an ambulance early because I used it but I have to think about myself and the baby. What will happen to him if I harm myself because of the pain?

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