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Vitamin D
Sep 23, 2003
Read an article yesterday about concerns over increasing incidents of rickets in the U.S. It is the bone-deforming disease we erraticated 60 years ago when they started fortifying milk with Vitamin D.

It seems the problem is resurfacing and scientists are figuring out why. There are currently 2 sources of Vitamin D: fortified milk and the sun. Our bodies synthesize UV radiation and convert it to Vitamin D and adults over 50 need more than kids the article says. You can deplete your store of it within weeks.

I haven't researched it beyond this one article, but they mentioned this deficiency is being connected to all sorts of health problems - particularly in the Northeast where the sun is minimal due to haze and long winters or something. They know we need D to process calcium, and that's what got me thinking about our osteoporosis and other RSD-related bone deformities.

I for one haven't seen much sunlight in 4 years, and when I do expect to be out in it I slather on sunscreen. The article mentions that even a sunscreen of SPF 8 can virtually eliminate the beneficial amount of sunlight we need each day: a few minutes of direct light on arms and face is enough. For supplementing, it recommended 200 mgs of D for adults under 50 and 600 mgs if over 50.

I don't know if this Vitamin D has any bearing on RSD, but I wanted to pass the info on. Hope you all have a pain-tolerable day.

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