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I have noticed in various threads on this healthboard that for alot of people, what they eat directly effects their RSD symptoms.

I have had RSD for 10 years in my left foot and left thigh(thankfully it has never spread any farther) and have never found what I eat effects the RSD in any way.

I am effected by other things, just not diet.

However, I have found when I take my vitamins on a regular basis, it seems like my pain isn't as severe and the flare ups don't last as long.

I would like to hear what others have to say on diet/supplements and RSD symptoms.

Thanks again all you wonderful people who take the time to share your experiences.


B12 question. Interesting topic.

Yep, B12 is a clicker for some. Me for one. Got a B12 shot (cyanocobalamin) last November and went into total remission within hours. I'm saying COMPLETELY pain free. And as long as I got another shot every three weeks I stayed completely pain free. No symptoms AT ALL.

Then in June the shot did no good and the RSD was back - and it had spread to both arms (it was already in both feet). So, with some research I found out about Methylcobalamin B12. It is the form of B12 that cyanocobalmin converts to before the body can absorb it. It seems that for various reasons (like gluten intolerance or other colon problems) some folks can't absorb nutrients properly.

The Methyl B12 tablets worked like magic bullets and I was pain free as long as I was taking them. Unfortunately I kept needing more and more to stay pain free and finally couldn't keep up. Now, taking them CAUSES pain. Sheesh, there is no understanding what's going on. Maybe someday. Good luck with it!

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