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Re: Bryn
Oct 7, 2003
Morning Stich,

No test will show what stage you are. To classify what stage your RSD is based on your symptoms and signs, ie swelling , pain, skin color, thinness of the skin, nail changes, hair grow on the effected limb. The only thing MRI will show is just the organs and bones them selves and not show RSD, bc RSD is in the nerves, xrays will only show that the RSD has left our bones demineralized and osteoposis has set in and to see how much it has either progressed or got better.

I am like you I didnt respond the the blocks. I had 6 lumbar ones and 1 epidural injection and 2 long term epidurals with no help. Thats when my doc suggested that the stim is worth a try. When I did the trial it was a total blessing, the pain was soo improved that i was crying with my doc in the recovery room. But that was short lived bc my stim slowly started not to wrk and my brain found ways around the stimulation so that the RSD didnt improve and that the stim only covers from my knee up and the severity of the RSD is in my foot and calf. The tendons and ligaments in my foot have also been attacked by the RSD. I have a severe foot deformity so that the only way i can walk on my foot is on the out side of it and the rest is in the air. The ankle is frozen and i havent been able to wiggle my toes for a year now. You dont understand how good it would feel just to wiggle my toes... the little things you take for granted...

What has your doc said since the blocks seem to not be helping??Has he mentioned anything abuot the stim, or an epidural block like i just had where iwas in the hosp for 6 days with a continous epidural to help break the pain cycle and help the circulation? I have had 2 of these and while in the hosp with these i was in heaven...the pain was gone and the color was normal, but with me the pain and blue/purple came right back. The only thing while I had the epidural that didnt get better was the foot deformity, but my doc says that i will need extensive ortho surg to get that fixed if and when the RSD is better...if i have a foot at all bc the osteo is so bad. Ask your doc LOTS of questions, just dont let him tell you what to do , ask him why and what for and what are his plans with you. I ask that of my docs and they are more then happy to let me know bc it makes me involved with my health care and makes me feel that i am helping in the search for a cure along with my doc...DOnt be afraid of your doc and to ask him questions, if he makes you feel uncomfortable when you do ask or says to trust him.. then i would be a little worried bc you need to help in your care as well.. i mean, bc what he plans to do is going to be on your body not his!! and you are going to have to live with what he does...

Hope I helped and if you have anymore questions, let us know!! we are all here for you at any time.. good luck


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