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Oct 7, 2003
my orthopaedic surgen house told me that he think I have crps. He say my bone scan show incressed uptake in all the knee. Here is my story. I had an injury to my knee about a year ago. I have under went 3 scope surgey. they have remove 80 % of my medal menucus. The pain seem to get worse after each surgey. my new doctor say that beside needing a menuscus tranplant and an HTO he think I have gotten crps. I am waiting now for apporval from workers comp to allow me to go to a pain doctor. now my questions. Is crps the same thing as rds? I have pain in a lot of areas besides the menescus area. I have burning pain in the upper calf and middle calf area. I have pain in my knee cap. Does this sound like crps. It seems to be spreading i think or it just might be other things. A few weeks ago the muscle in the right side of my back started to pain me the worse in the morning when I have not moved much could this be connected?
I have never been sick much in my life. The last thing that is that last week I started to get great pains in my lefts side at the bottom of my ribs When I caugh it feels like some one hit me with a ball bat. I went to the ER and he said I have pleurisy but does not know why i got it. There is no infection in the lungs. can this pain and pleurisy be brought on by or related to crps. Any help

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