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I'm trying to figure out how long I've had RSD. The injury that eventually resulted in RSD occurred in February 2002. They did testing for months and found all the ligament/structural damage, but didn't recognize RSD symptoms until November 2002. Doc finally suspected RSD in December 2002. Then in March 2003, they did a QSART ("sweat test") that confirmed the RSD. So does this mean I've had RSD since my injury, or it developed months after, or I "got" it when it was "suspected" or when it was officially diagnosed?
How do you guys determine how long you've had it?
I know its very common to have RSD for awhile before its diagnosed, but then how do you determine how long you've actually had it? (I've had "RSD pain/symptoms" since the day of my injury, but just didn't realize at the time that's what it was.
Well, for myself, I go by when my symptoms started. I started with swelling and discoloration and lots of pain, Feb 21st this year, 2 weeks after I was injured. Even though I had no clue what was wrong I knew something was! I was injured Feb. 5th.
The Ortho. I got sent to diagnosed me near the beginning of April, then took the dx back..2nd opinion I went to said I had RSD. Then to another 2nd opinion for worker's comp, they ordered it, and he said no, but I may have had it and getting better! LMAO Now to an IME (too dang far away) to another doctor! So, it's been just over 7 months now, no treatment, few pain med and lots of stress and aggravation! I've had an MRI, x-rays and bone confirmation other than physical symptoms I experience.
Sorry to run on there....


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