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Looks more and more like I have a frozen shoulder and not truly RSD. I see the RSD specialist Tuesday. My symptoms back in January were severe pain in my hand and shoulder, swelling, discoloration, sensitivity, and a mottled look. I still can't move my thumb real well after 4 1/2 months of therapy and the range of motion in my shoulder is limited. My pain level is maintained with 1000mg of Neurontin which I have gradually cut back to 700mg. There is still minimal swelling yet the coloring has stayed good since the stellate block. I get the zaps of pain all over, not just in my affected limb. i hope the RSD guy can clear up the confusion once and for all. Did RSD cause the frozen shoulder or did the frozen shoulder cause RSD-like symptoms? They will sedate me for the frozen shoulder and under anaesthetic they will manipulate my arm to break the adhesions. Then I go on a CPM machine for a week or so. Has anyone had this done? How bad is it? 1-10 Cheryl

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