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How much neurontin is enough? I was given 100 mg, capsules, and he told me to start out with one before bed, and if I tolerated it well, then take another in the morning, and build gradually up to 2, 3 times a day, which is 600 mgs. I am on three a day now. I am sure this is not enough, but there is not even a DENT in the pain level. What about the tramadol? They are 50 mg. My other doctor told me I should increase it from one pill, to 2 (100 mg) at a time. The consensus is that I am undermedicating. Another thing I realize is now that the weather is colder, my hand and fingers hurt bad when they are cold. Do you recommend soaking the hand in hot water? Heating pad? Warm packs?
I also have another question about nerve blocks. I had one and since the effect lasted only 6 hours, the pain doc said to give it a rest and do the medicines. Has anyone gone back to nerve blocks after the first one seemed to fail? I guess he thinks I have "type 2", which is related to nerve damage and possibly not sympathetic responder. He told me it will heal. I had an IV in my wrist in June for a week, and this happened afterwards. I know this is a complicated syndrome, and some of you consider it incurable, but he told me that that is the problem with "type 1", but type 2 often heals with time.

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