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Hi Everyone, :wave:

I can't believe I just lost the longest just got lost instead of posting! I should have copied it!

Anyway, Joey's doing really he went for an urgent appt to the Pain Ctr and they practically tripled his medication to 200mg Duragesic Fentalyl Patches/3days....Dilaudid for breakthrough pain doubled to 4mg/4hrs, his Neurontin up to 3200mg/day from 2700, when I wanted him to go DOWN....he definitely needs something much better than Valium and Prozac...I'm trying to get him to go to Psych Dr for that assessment (The Pain Center won't deal with that aspect). He won't actually start the new Meds till this weekend so we can see how he feels without him being at work...(Yes, he's STILL working, or trying to...) [img][/img]

Joey started Aqua Physical Therapy this week and liked it (as much as it's possible to like it)...and he'll have another block on the 21st, but the Dr said that will be an Epidural instead of a Lumbar Sympathetic...not sure of the difference...will he be paralyzed like a woman in labor is?

I keep urging Joey to go on his remaining 5 mos of STD before he loses his job completely for calling in sick so much. I'm so scared about becoming the sole breadwinner I'm sick. What happens if we lose our Health Insurance? Will another plan ever take us?

I'm afraid leaving him alone with our two little girls every night since he's so zombieish and forgetful...he's not allowed to cook anything major without me there because he might forget about it...and now his Neurontin and everything else is going UP??? :eek:

He needs to go to a Psych Dr to get better meds than the Valium and Prozac we're getting from our PCP just because we asked for them....surely a Psych will have much better meds, he desperately needs the emotional help....he seems to me like he's losing the will to fight, and the will to live! [img][/img]

The Pain Ctr Director today suggested he think about the Spinal Cord Stimulator, and gave him a booklet about it I haven't looked at yet.

I'm just panicked about our finances, which were strained to the hilt before this monster...and all of his office visits and meds and PT's are adding up to so much, even though they're 'only' $15.00 copays.

I'm breaking under the strain....I'm trying to be strong, but it's all so little girls are so sad that "Daddy doesn't laugh anymore." I guess I'm grieving the loss of the life I had dreamed of us having.....yet I'm trying to stay supportive and's so hard. :(

Thank you for listening....anyone have a winning lottery ticket out there you don't need? ;)

~Ange~ :(

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