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I have Rsd in my right hand arm...My doctor now Believes that i have Carpal tunnel in my right wirst and believes that i need surgery.....he says that there is a risk of the rsd getting worse but with a block during the surgery it should be ok...Anybody have any advice on this?

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[This message has been edited by nykka (edited 09-12-2003).]
Well....I don't know about carpal tunnel. But I just had shoulder surgery in June (my RSD in in the opposite hand). I was given a block along with general anethesia to lessen the chances of the RSD spreading. The idea is to keep the nerves from getting the message that they've been interrupted. The first couple of weeks following the surgery I had a lot of "referred" pain from the RSD on the same arm as the surgery. My dr put me on oxycontin temporarily and gradually the pain subsided. It has been a very painful process - but pain is no stranger to me. I'm better off having the surgery than not. I hope that helps! - Shelley

I got RSD from carpal tunnel surgery! I also have carpal tunnel in my other hand and my pain Dr told me NOT to have the other hand repaired! I would get a second dr to help you make your choice!

Take Care

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