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Hi, wanted to give my greetings, wish happy birthdays to Dette, Sharon, and David (belated and early) and let you know I really seem to be recovering.

Been gradually able to increase the walking for a couple weeks and even started wearing socks again last Saturday. This past Tuesday I did a full day on my feet tilling and have hardly noticed much pain - just a bit of temporary burning in my toes.

Of course I won't know for another year if this really is recovery or just a remission, but considering all I've done to correct potential causes, I'm optimistic.

Over the years I've been through the mill with my bod and suffered a lot of pain; and every time the docs couldn't find an illness, the problem was always related to food. So when they couldn't find a thing causing the RSD (renamed peripheral neuropathy when it spread) I started doing my own research.

I did get lucky in discovering that a shot of B12 could put the pain away. I did the shots for 6 months then they stopped working. Then I took the methylcobalamin B12 until that stopped working. So I went researching why I needed supplements in order to stay pain free.

That's when I discovered that a food allergy can prevent the body from absorbing nutrients - without any gastric symptoms or pain. The tests for this gluten allergy were less than reliable from what I was reading, and my doc was not interested in considering it, so I just laid off the gluten.

Within days the swelling in my feet went down and as long as I avoid every trace of gluten (and it is REALLY hard to do this) then the swelling stays down. After a month I started feeling a bit better, and slowly, VERY SLOWLY, I've been improving.

I started gluten free July 17 and stopped the neurontin (600 mg/day) in mid September. (That was painful for a week, but not too bad to do it.) Now in Mid October I'm walking, wearing socks and nearly pain free.

The latest "therapy" that kicked this recovery into high gear was getting out in the sun. Our bodies require direct sun to metabolize vitamin D and we need only a few minutes on our arms daily to do this. I also added swimming a few minutes a couple times a week. (Thank you RSD-Free for this advice!)

I started eating gluten again for a bout two weeks and the fibromyalgia went through the roof. I actually had to go home from work I hurt so bad (muscles, ligaments, etc.and the swelling returned) The neuropathy pain didn't seem affected by this short-term diet relapse fortunately. I got back off the gluten and within two days the fibro (and swelling) went away again.

I really encourage everyone who doesn't have a diagnosed physical cause (like pinched nerve or circulation problem) to really consider nutritional depletion and food allergies as a cause for the neuropathy. RSD doesn't cause problems, it is a symptom of an underlying condition. If nutritional depletion is the underlying condition then it can also trigger lots of other illnesses too - and it is also curable.

I'm not suggesting gluten intolerance is the only precipitating cause for nutritional depletion. It was just the most talked about when I was researching, so I started there. Maybe I got lucky. On the other hand maybe this painlessness is only a coincidental remission. Maybe not.

All I know is I'm practically pain free now. I've been here, posting every step of the way my research and ups and downs; so you know I'm not just inventing all this. I think the research is really paying off, and I encourage everyone to consider the diet/nutrition connection. I'll be checking in, so if you want to tell me this is all ridiculous, go ahead.

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