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Oct 20, 2003
hi my name is patti and i have had this horrible condition for 2yrs. i got it from a fall just 3 weeks after having carpal tunnel surgery. it teh took another 6 months for a doctor to diagnose me. they kept telling me it was just my carpal tunnel symptoms coming back after the fall and they would be tempoary. yeah right! so, after the 2 stellate ganglion blocks that only lasted about 36 hours at the most and too many visits to pain management with physical therapy to de-sensitize my hand, here i am. i am out of work, i work at a bank. i was in proof operations and had to leave since the constant keying made my hand more on fire if you can believe the pain can get worse, then i went to be a teller, but the use of my hand still made the pain worse. my husband died of a heart attack 12/28/02 and the stress from that has increased the pain. i have a wonderful primary care phyician who totally understands. i am now on 2400 mgs of neurontin, 2-20mg of oxycontin and the oycodone instant release 5 mg/4 capsules a day. these are a life saver. i was leary about going on the narcotics coming from an addictive background, but i do not abuse my meds, because i know the consequences of pain. the fire has decreased and only acts up when it is really cold out, the air conditioner or fan is blowing directly on it or i over-use it. like i said b4..stress plays a big part in my pain acting up, and this past weekend was my 1st wedding anniversary without my hubby, so i dealt with a lot of pain and as you can see, its after 2:30am so I am having one of those no sleep nights. i also am stressed about having to get a biopsy on my liver and due to the rsd they are doing a laporoscopic biopsy and i will be put out. i also have numerous back probles, tears, herniated discs, spurs, etc. and just found out 2day that i will get a lumbar epidural on 11/5. i am praying that the epidural will give me relief more than the blocks did for my rsd...i hate pain and am so jealous and angry at my husband for dying..he was the healthy one and he had a heart attack. i am 43 and feel like i'm 70. i also have diabetes and am not sure if the pain in my neck/shoulder is from neuropathy/radiculopathy or my rsd spreading. it has the same "feel" as the rsd but not sure. [img][/img] i am so sorry for rambling..all i wanted to do was introduce myself and say hello and that i'm glad i found this site. i never was one to go anywhere for support until i lost my husband and found a great one for thsoe who have been widowed. i can honestly say, if it were not being for me to be able to "vent" there, i would have killed myself a few times. so i pray for you all now that this horrific condition would become curable and that you might enjoy a pain-free life.
once again, thank you all for listening to my rambling and god bless. bye 4 now!
patti from nj

Jesus Is Lord!

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