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Welcome to our Board, Linda! :wave:

I'm sorry it's under such sad circumstances, but you are still at the beginning of the disease and have the best chance of beating this into submission....I hope your block goes well!

My husband swears by having sedation for his spinal blocks, but I don't know how much different they are down at the bottom than at the top, I'd imagine it would still be more comfortable to get sedated...but they don't offer it unless you ask, at least that happened to Joey the first time, and he was in SO much pain during the procedure! He told his Ortho about it and he told him he needed to ask for sedation or else the wouldn't give it (cheapo's!!) [img][/img]

My husband Joey has RSD in his left ankle/foot after surgery in late March, and it's been a rough 7 months...we've gone through alot of Dr.s and not enough blocks or Physical Therapy at the beginning like we should have, and now it might be spreading to his other foot. :eek:

What I recommend to Newbies is to become as informed as you can, get aggressive, because if you don't the medical world will run right over you....if you don't ask for adequate pain meds, they usually won't offer them! Demand an aggressive treatment plan, and ask about Physical Therapy, as much as it will hurt, it should also help to keep your hand from atrophying.

And don't be afraid to tell them you are a member of an Online Support Group with RSD'ers from around the globe...some may scoff and try to say there's so much misinformation on the Web....but stick to your guns that we are a large community of REAL sufferers who exchange stories and medical info and medicine side effects, etc. Information really IS power! For instance, most Dr.s and Nurses will have old info and tell you RSD doesn't spread to other parts of the body, but we know it DOES! They're just behind the times, because it's such an obscure disease, although it really isn't, they say there's millions of us???

I also recommend you get a notebook right now and start recording every phone call, conversation, what meds you're on and how they make you feel, since everything will keep changing and then you'll have a timeline and record of what you've tried, what works and what doesn't! I sure wish I had, because 7 months later it's hard to remember what's happened completely with the right timeline.... [img][/img]

Hope to see you here often, :)

~Ange~ [img][/img]

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