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Hi Diane,

I'm Donna and my daughter Shannon has RSD. She's 11 years old. She had fractured her ankle back in April 2003 and when they went to remove her cast 3 weeks later she was in excrutiating pain! The doctor tried to say that the pain was all in her head and that she was just exaggerating! We switched orthopedists right then and there because we knew that that wasn't true. Her new ortho diagnosed RSD right away - less than 2 months after her accident! We now have a orthopedist, pain doctor and physical therapist all working together on this. Shannon has had 2 lower lumbar nerve blocks - one on 9/10/03 and the other on 10/6/03. With the first block she had complete pain relief for over 3 weeks. The second one wore off partially by the time we came home on 10/6/03 and has completely worn off now. She is going tomorrow for her third block but this time the pain doctor is putting a catheter in her back so if it wears off like last time she will go back on Thursday for a follow up injection and Friday if necessary.

I know how hard it is to have a child go through this - I'm scared each time we go through the nerve blocks because she hates needles and has to be knocked out each time which also doesn't make her too happy. We haven't told her about leaving a catheter in yet - I know she would freak out and not want to go so we'll wait until we're at the hospital to tell her. This way the doctor will be there too so maybe this will make it a little easier for her to accept - I don't know.

This board has been a great source of support and information. I feel a special bond with everyone here because we're all in the same boat as they say! Take care everyone and Welcome Diane!


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