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Thanx everyone. It's kind of a bummer I came here out of :( On the bright side, I'm also on the pregnancy forum, trying to concieve. :D I'm working my way down the lists of forums, give me a few hours and I'm sure I'll be in a few more ;)

Aanyway, as a kid I had killer pains in my calf muscles, which everyone said was growing pains. I still have them, and I'm not growing anymore [img][/img] Since breaking my ankle the pain in my left lower leg (the broken one) is far more intense then the other one, although the more I think about it, the more they seem related. All the lights are comming on now. My husband is always telling me my feet are cold when he's rubbing my calves, (one of the only way to minimize the pain). It has never spread to anywhere else in my body and I don't seem to have any other nervous system issues, just the odd extremely PAINFULL leg. Not a cramp, a serious deep down ache I just can't get rid of. Man it sucks.

Anyway, thanx again!!

Erin :D

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