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Re: Sharon 1030
Oct 13, 2003

The block was okay he did the rt. side to knock out the discs that are seeming to grow year by year. Oh well.

I don't know if hidratnitis is an autoimmune disease. I have what is called hidratnitis suppurativa the definition is inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands of the perianal, axillary and genital areas producing chronic abcesses or sinuses. I have chronic pelvic pain from this. My DMD always wants me on prophalytic antibotics. I don't like to take them everyday though.

Then I have the fibro and then the RSD. I don't think the sweating is from the meds. I totally agree with you and think its the RSD. Sorry about that shampoo bottle. That vein on my arm is getting sensitive. My PMD felt it today and I told him he couldn't touch me if he was going to hurt me. He put a lidocaine patch on it. Like that was going to make it go away. I had him laughing so hard when I told him about the RSD Migration thread.

Hey, you might know. I've been thinking of starting like a prayer thread. If someone needs a prayer just put it there and we don't hve to post the prayer there but whoever wants to pray can. I mean so many of the threads have people saying they will pray. It might be a more organized way to get the word out when one of us needs special help to get through a hard time. What do you think? I don't want to get kicked off the board. It was bad enough with that thread where I hurt someone's feelings. My back does feel better though and I am back to PT tomorrow. I think I will hit it hard after the block today. I biked another 3 miles today. Had the obnoxious sweat. I too love cross word puzzles. Keeps the mind sharp. Gosh, don't us RSDers need that.

Keep the faith.


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