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[QUOTE=april1985;4895377]I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I probably do have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The thought of having it is very nerve wrecking to say the least! Here is a little background information that got me where I am now...

On Feb. 22nd, 2011 I underwent flat foot reconstruction (Kidner Procedure, Gastroc Recession, Cotton Wedge Osteotomy, and Calcaneal Osteotomy). The first few months after the surgery things were progressing as well as could be expected. Then things started to go down hill relatively slowly. Nothing drastic happened in any certain amount of time just things started happening that prevented me from recovering completely from the surgery. I started having intense shooting nerve pain, increased swelling, very tense muscles, muscle spasms and twitching, shaking of the knee when doing strength based exercises, etc... Then about a month or two ago things progressed even worse. The pain and symptoms spread all the way up the leg. I'm now dealing with uncontrollable muscle spasms with both active and passive activities throughout the whole entire limb. A progressive decrease of muscle extensibility and strength of my quad and hamstring. Hypersensitivity of my quad, calf, and hamstring. My skin is turning colors at times as well, I assume from poor circulation. I've been on muscle relaxants and Ultram for the past few months on a daily basis. Also I've been doing physical therapy two to three times a week since April. My physical therapist was the one who alerted the doctor to the syndrome. I went to my orthopedic surgeon on Monday and he sent me to a neurologist on Tuesday. I was told that the EMG tests came back fine so it ruled out other muscle and nerve disorders. I go back to the surgeon on Monday to go over the game plan for treatment. I have an appointment with a psyiatrist on Wednesday in hopes of getting some pain relief.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I am scared of how its going to affect the rest of my life after reading up on the syndrome on the internet. What kind of treatments seem to work best? My physical therapist and ortho doctor said that sympathetic nerve blocks tend to work well in newly diagnosed patients. Has anyone here had that done?[/QUOTE]

Hello april. sorry to have to see you posting here, but since you are you must know that this a good source of info. first let me start by saying RSD is not the same for each person there fore treatment will be different as well. some get results from pills while some from nerve blocks or spinal cord stimulators. There are so many different treatments out there and so difficult to find the one that works best. Agressive physical therapy is usually a constant with this as we must fight atrophy and retain use of existing muscle as well as sometime physical therapy treatments some times help. ie; mirror therapy, scrubbing techniques, and stim. I have had 6 nerveblocks 3 steroid injections, epidurals, and so many drugs I cannot count. I started with an injury to right leg using crutches. then graduated to canes and finally(thus far) a WALKER.I now have RSD in both legs.well everywhere from waiste down, both hands suspect in back and portions of my head. I will tell you that not all people get spread like this and that the sooner you start treatment on rsd the better. Im on comp so all my treatment is hung on a rubberband line, leaving my treatment spotty fighting denials and dr,s dropping comp. others have better stories and still others have worse. all I can tell you for sure is a good frame of mind, education, hope and good drs that LISTEN to you are your best allies in this. as well as finding people who understand your pain (us people who suffer the same affliction). I wish I could say this will be easy and definate but it will be trying but that is why we are all on this site. for information, for a place to complain, and for support when we are at our worse as well as helping others that need the support. I hope you find your trials getting easyier and you find each day with less pain. warm wishes and soft hugs

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