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The good about the Topamax is you have no appetite and so you will probably lose weight. I stayed the same, but didn't have to try to not gain weight. I loved that part about it.

BUT, I took myself off of it about 10 days ago. It made me depressed, angry all the time, and I found out after going off of it that it was the thing that kept me from sleeping. I also started losing my hair, had cloudy urine, tingling in my feet that I don't need since that is one of the places my CRPS is in.

The worst part was though, that the breaking point was when I was at the dr. and then the pharmacy and at both places I lost my ability to put thoughts into words in a sentence. I literally couldn't get the words out of my mouth to say what I wanted to say. This was absolutely embarrassing at the pharmacy when I was picking up my Topamax and MS contin. I felt like a real druggy. Who can't talk like that? At that moment I decided I was done with the Topamax. I weaned off of it over a few days and I started to sleep better, my depression is better, my moods are better, my head is clearer.

The only thing that sucks is the pain is worse and I don't know what to do because I've already been on Lyrica (allergic) and Neurontin -(gained weight and couldn't stay awake).

I was on Topamax most of the fall and went off of it at Thanksgiving due to the mood changes it gave me. Then when my dr.s abandoned me for 6 weeks after my surgery, I started it again because I was in so much pain. I was on it about a month when I remembered why I went off of it before.

So, those are some things to look out for. How are you doing on it?

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